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More than half a million New Zealanders will be affected by arthritis at some time in their life, and there is currently no cure. Keeping moving is vital if you have arthritis. Physios are qualified and skilled in getting you moving around more freely despite your arthritis.


Arthritis means inflamed joint; when the joint is inflamed it can be sore and stiff. Sometimes it can be hot, red and swollen. People with arthritis can find it difficult to do everyday things such as getting dressed, walking to the shops, cooking and playing sport.

How physio helps

A physio can help you manage your arthritis and continue (or return to) an active life doing the things you enjoy. Physio can also help with:

  • Becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible
  • Staying active and independent
  • Avoiding or delaying the need for surgery

What to expect

Your physio assists with the physical side of your treatment and your doctor with the medical side. Your physio will work closely with you and your doctor to share information and review your treatment.

Your physio will work with you to develop an exercise plan that's right for you. This may involve some strengthening and stretching exercises. It'll also include general activities such as walking, swimming or whatever you enjoy that's beneficial to you. Your physio will help you get the right balance between activity and rest so you keep active without feeling undue pain.


Read our free ebook Arthritis: Exercises to keep you moving. Produced in partnership with Arthritis NZ, it details simple exercises that you can do while sitting, standing or lying in bed. If you're unsure which type of exercise is best for you, we recommend you consult your health professional before beginning.